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These pages contain free activity sheets that have been created exclusively for us. They are ideal for use along side our two books that contain a collection stories featuring Anansi the trickster spider.

Anansi (also known as Ananse, Kwaku Ananse and Anancy) features in the myths and legends of West Africa and the Caribbean. He also appears in the folklore stories of the Southern United States where children may know him as Aunt Nancy. If you've read or listened to his stories you'll know Anansi is as lazy as he is clever. You'll also know things don't always go the way he planned. If you've not enjoyed an Anansi the trickster spider story then why not click on the book covers below to download one (or both) of our books and enjoy his mischief making. Each of the stories in the books can be read in approximately ten minutes, making this book ideal for bedtime at home or story time in school.

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We are happy for you to download our free activity sheets to use at home, at your after school club or in school. However please refrain from infringing our copyright by using in any commercial manner including rebranding as your own.

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